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by gljjt
Tue Feb 16, 2016 4:22 pm
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Topic: Denied Rigth To Vote...For Carrying Pocket Knife
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Re: Denied Rigth To Vote...For Carrying Pocket Knife

jimlongley wrote:
txcharvel wrote:

The pocket knife referenced in the OP is not a prohinited weapon, nor were they saying it was prohibited under law to carry it there. It is their rule, and they are free to enforce it.

The courthouse ban on knives has nothing with the legality of the knife. They just don't allow them.
To clarify, the deputies specifically said that under Texas Penal Code my knife was not allowed to be carried into the building. They also referred to a sign banning weapons "according to Texas Penal Code".

Plus, they can't have a rule to simply "not allow" something. It is a public building, if it not specifically illegal then it's considered legal. That is how our laws are written. My particular knife is defined in the law, but that same knife is not listed as a prohibited weapon. Therefore it is not prohibited.
I don't see your knife as prohibited either, you should file a complaint.

Can you take a motorcycle in the building. No law against it?

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