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by OneGun
Sun Feb 22, 2015 7:20 pm
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Topic: Through An Officer’s Eyes
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Re: Through An Officer’s Eyes

mojo84 wrote:I can see both sides having to cooperate, concede and compromise some, at least in the early stages.

If people will be reasonable and not always pushing their agenda, it can be worked out.
I agree with your statements and sentiment, but I do not have faith that people will be "reasonable". Consider recent events. An alleged "gentle giant" assaults a shop owner, steals from the store, assaults a police officer and is shot dead by the police officer in self-defense. The white house sends a presidential delegation to the thug's funeral and the police officer lives in fear of his life and is forced to resign from his job. In Ohio at a Walmart, a man of African decent picks up a toy gun that is out of its package and puts it in his shopping cart. A "concerned citizen" calls 911 and gives misleading and false information regarding the man's actions with the toy gun. The police think the man with a gun is hostile and he is shot to death by the police. Had the "concerned citizen" told the truth to 911, the man might still be alive. He should not have been shot, it was a toy gun in a shopping cart. At Fort Hood, a terrorist shoots a number of people and the government merely classifies it as "workplace" violence.

At present, it seems people lack cooperation and a complete lack of common sense. I prefer to carry concealed and not advertise nor give anyone a reason to be concerned when I am out and about. If a police officer stops me, I will simply follow his instructions and inform him that I have a CHL and ask how he/she wants me to proceed.

I think that OCing in public will cause a lot of panic amongst the uninformed public and make a police officer's job more difficult because he won't know if a person that OCing is a CHL holder or a dangerous person. Until the public gets its common sense back, I do not have faith that people will be reasonable.

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