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by OneGun
Mon Feb 04, 2019 11:13 am
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Topic: Air Travel Update
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Re: Air Travel Update

This past weekend, my wife and I flew roundtrip from Houston to Chicago ("ChiRaq") on United. On Friday, 2/1, I checked a bag at ticket counter and told the agent I needed to declare my firearm. I have my name and phone number on the outside of the NanoVault I use. I also have my name and number on the luggage tag. I put the orange declaration in my bag, and the ticket agent sent my bag on its way. Never heard from TSA.

On the return trip out of O'Hare back to Houston, things were different. First, when I checked at the kiosk to get a baggage tag, I got a printout that said my bags need special attention instead. No other information. I got an agent before hand because I need to make the declaration. She filled out the form, had me sign it and she escorted us to a special TSA location behind the ticket counters. They scanned my bag and the TSA agent give me the "all good". The agent then escorted us to the front of the TSA Pre-check line. All, told, 10 extra minutes.

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