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by oljames3
Fri Aug 17, 2018 1:34 pm
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Topic: Gun free zone question
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Re: Gun free zone question

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:09 pm
This thread is very close to violating Rule 4, but 1) since it is stated as a hypothetical; and 2) it offers an excellent learning opportunity, it will stay open. That said, folks responding need to be sure their post(s) don't advocate violating Texas law.

If a location is off-limits per TPC §46.03 or §46.035, but only if 30.06 notice is given, then walking past the sign creates to criminal violations. It is a violation of TPC §30.06 (Class C) and a violation of the relevant provision in §46.035 (Class A).

Remember also that there is no retreat duty before using deadly force, if you are legally present at the location where deadly force is used. If you violate TPC §30.06 (or TPC §30.07), then you are trespassing and you are not legally present when you use deadly force. This MAY mean you have a duty to retreat before using force. (I wrote "may" for a reason, but I'm not going into that on the Forum.)

Please remember, we reduced the penalty for passing a §30.06 sign to deal with situations where law-abiding people unknowingly enter an off-limits area because they missed a sign due to it's posting location, entered with a crowd, were distracted while entering, etc. It was not reduced to encourage the most law-abiding of Texans to make the conscious decision to violate TPC §30.06.

Ignoring effective notice is bad. We have options. I carry a backup gun and less than lethal self defense options so that I can easily downgrade from carr openly to carrying concealed to reverting to knife, pepper gel, and run-fu.

My 21 year old son rides a Ninja with no storage. He has to plan better than I. I can leave my main pistol in my car and revert to my concealeld Ruger LCR or less than lethal methods.

There are seveal options for self defense that are not prohibited by 30.06.

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