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by oljames3
Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:09 pm
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Topic: Aftermarket sights
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Re: Aftermarket sights

Odinvalknir wrote:
Mon Nov 05, 2018 2:02 pm
I suppose this could apply to any handgun but I am specifically talking about my gun the M&P 9C. I have been carrying the gun for about 4 or 5 months, and recently decided to start changing this and that adding some Stuff Etc. I personalized in a little bit with a laser engraved rear slide plate, I added a + 3 round magazine extension, and finally I added fiber optic rear sights and swapped out the green sticks for black two black out the rear sights since I have trouble focusing on Purely the front sight when there is something else in between. I finally got to go to the range today and test out the rear sight and magazine extension. After about two magazines the rear sight had unscrewed itself and was sliding off to one side obviously making my rounds go Haywire. I'm wondering since this is just a set screw would it be beneficial to throw a little blue Loctite on the threads of the screw if that would help. I never had an issue with the stock sites coming loose not sure if I just did not screw them down tight enough or if they are just cheap garbage.

I guess my actual question is twofold, has anyone else experienced this and do you think putting Loctite on the set screw will stop from happening again. I did read tighten the screw after resetting the site and did not have an issue with it anymore for the rest of my time at the range.

Tl;dr : aftermarket rear sights screw came loose and sights started moving while shooting. Wondering if blue Loctite will stop this issue.
After about a year, I had Dawson Precision sights installed on my S&W M&P M2.0 9mm 5inch. I got the Charger set which has a fiber optic front, a black (no fiber) rear with the front face of the rear sight slanted forward to facilitate charging the pistol one-handed. The owner of my local training facility did the work. If I had done it myself, I certainly would have used Loctite.

Dawson Precision has tutorials and videos for installation: ... sKwBCAMoAQ

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