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by TresHuevos
Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:20 am
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Re: 2017 Legislative Priorities

ralewis wrote:
Charles L. Cotton wrote:All this talk about private property, 30.06/30.07 signs, businesses, etc. is an entertaining academic discussion. That's all it is. There is absolutely no support in Austin for denying businesses the ability to prohibit guns on their property. I know, I tried to promote that concept and it never got off the ground. Texas Assoc. of Business (TAB) would fight it like a tiger, as wood private property rights supporters.

I'm not saying anyone should refrain from discussing the issue, but don't think there's a chance of it passing.

I think we're at a good place with the current 30.06/07 signs and the change in penalty so it's not a CHL death penalty (Class A to a Class C misd) if you accidentally walk past a 30.06 sign.

I'd much rather see the emphasis on changing the prohibited places. Sporting events/bars/etc. And if that needs to be married with a .02 BAC, I'd be fine with that. That's kind of how it's like in TN.
I'd be curious to see if there are any statistics on how many citations have bee issued for 30.06 and .07 infractions. Both of the Class A and C variety.

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