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by bizjet
Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:55 pm
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Topic: Shooting "No. 1"...
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That is a beautiful pistol. I too, have a first Hi Power. I bought it 41 years ago and have it still. Unlike you, I have used it very little. I'm an amateur who has recently started shooting again.

I have bought a 1911 recently because some of my friends shoot them. I like 'em, but my heart remains with the Hi Power.

It's nice that we develop affection for inanimate things like guns. We lavish them with care and attention and emotion. I think it speaks to recognition of the genius of John Browning and those who build our guns, as well as those who fix and modify them. It's an appreciation of the humanity involved in the process. We enjoy the beauty of the steel and wood and the fine hand of man in shaping them.

BTW, your books arrived a few days ago and I really like them.



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