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by mcscanner
Wed Jul 31, 2019 12:23 pm
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Topic: WTS: Glock 43 Holsters - Withdrawn
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WTS: Glock 43 Holsters - Withdrawn

Withdrawn do to lack of interest... :???:

Now $20 for any holster! 8/7/2019

I'm moving on to a Sig P365 so the holsters for the Glock 43 are excess to my needs.

Any holsters $25 includes shipping by 1st Class Mail with tracking number. Postal M.O. or personal check which must clear before shipping item. Contact by PM or email to exchange contact information. Of course you only get the holster, not the G43. :???:

AlienGear holster is only the shell so you have to go to them to get the mounting of your choice. The small piece to the left in the picture is the left half of the holster when used with the ankle holster which is the mount I am keeping. The left half is attached and behind the right half in the picture.

Infidel was used very little and I honestly don't remember using it at all, but I might have. I found it sits a little higher on the belt than I likely and was making the change from shirt tucked in to left out.

Zorn Holster was my goto carry holster (shirt out) and liked it well enough to order one for my P365. Wait time was a killer, but the delivered holster is better and more refined for the P365 than the G43 I ordered a few years back. Zorn does not get much internet "love", but I find they have an excellent product then and now.

CTAC was my shirt tucked in goto. Struts are replacements as I didn't use the bottom holes and trimmed the excess plastic off. I was planning on using the old struts on a CTAC for the P365. Unfortunatly they updated the fabrication for the P365 CTAC in a way I think was a mistake.

Questions welcomed! There may only be 3 pictures instead of 4. I'm not sure if picture count or total size of all pictures is the issue. Using Safari on a iMac so another area to run aground on.

Thanks for looking,

Zorn holster missing. Not having any luck changing.

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