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by ELB
Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:05 pm
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Topic: Forth Worth & Dallas Zoos
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Re: Forth Worth & Dallas Zoos

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
jamminbutter wrote:
Charles L. Cotton wrote:It would be helpful is someone from the Fort Worth and Dallas areas could photograph the unlawful 30.06 signs at their zoos and fill out the notification and complaint forms on the TFC website. I want to send an ORC to both cities (not the zoos) and I'd prefer to do that close to the time they receive the notices.

What is an ORC?
A typo. :lol:

I fixed it. Open Records Request.

Shucks. I was hoping you were sending one of those things from Lord of the Rings to talk to them about their foolishness. :evil2:

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