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by ELB
Mon Feb 22, 2016 11:53 pm
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Topic: Joe Straus supporters list??
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Re: Joe Straus supporters list??

To amplify srothstein's comments:

The strength of the NRA comes from it's influence on voters, its single-minded focus on the 2A, and its integrity; that is to say sticking strictly to its promise to legislators that if they vote correctly on scored votes then the NRA will support them come election time. That is the basis for it being the very powerful lobbying organization that causes the NYT to gnash teeth and the nannybloombergs to pull hair and throw tantrums. The scored votes provide a very objective measure right where the rubber meets the road: when legislation is being voted on. And I think this has effects behind the scenes as well: legislators who do not want to have to go on record for certain bill that might please the anti-gunners but incur the wrath of the NRA will work behind the scenes to see that bill never makes it to a vote -- if they know the NRA will pull for them come next election.

This system is designed to keep long term influence on 2A issues in legislatures, and it naturally favors incumbents. If the NRA ever failed to support an A-rated legislator for doing anything other than failing to keep his word by voting the wrong way on scored legislation, the power of the NRA -- and gunowners -- would vanish. Sometimes this means holding one's nose (e.g. Harry Reid), but this is how the battle fought and won.

Home runs like Heller are much more fun and dramatic, but vastly more risky. Three-yards and a cloud of dust has kept the 2A alive so that Heller-type decisions can be possible.

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