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by ELB
Thu Oct 04, 2018 12:12 pm
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Topic: Texas Legislative Law Handbook
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Re: Texas Legislative Law Handbook

There is a freebie download on the Texas Legislature Online website that explains the Legislative process as well. Dunno if it is better or worse than this version, but I used it for reference before. If I can find a link to it I will post it later. You probably wouldn't be hurt paying $30 for the one you linked to, but you might want to check out the free one first.

ETA: The House and the Senate adopt new procedures for every legislative session. They probably don't vary a lot from session to session, but it is possible that there will be changes in the next one that we don't know about.

Here are a couple or four references: ... rocess.pdf ... et_101.pdf ... rocess.pdf

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