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by ELB
Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:19 pm
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Topic: Alligator defense question
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Re: Alligator defense question

As a result of Nesbitt v USACOE, the USACOE is supposedly reconsidering the regulations pertaining to firearms, in particular licensed carry.

Recall that in Nesbitt, The Ninth Circuit issued an injunction against enforcement of the Regulations for bidding carry firearms on corps of engineer lands.

Back in March On the eve of a hearing before the ninth circuit, the Army Corps of Engineers asked the court to delay while they reviewed their regulations.

During the delay the corps of engineers came to an agreement with the plaintiffs whereby Nesbitt and the other guy whose name escapes me would have permission to carry on COE lands. The COE also agreed to reconsider the regulations on firearms. Both sides agreed to drop the lawsuit and the ninth dismissed it, and as far as I know the injunction too, with leave to take it up again later if necessary. What the injunction was only enforceable within the area of the ninth circuit anyway.

I’m beginning to think we got scammed on this. I can find no record of the Corps of Engineers proposing any new regulations pertaining to firearms. My cynical side is telling me there are dragging their feet hoping for a change and political climate, because certainly the new House is not going to punish them for not living up to their agreement.

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