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by K5GU
Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:02 pm
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Topic: Bd. of Regents Should Have No Say in Campus-Carry
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Re: Bd. of Regents Should Have No Say in Campus-Carry

The Annoyed Man wrote:Crossfire posted the following on her Facebook page yesterday:
Just wanted to offer up a couple of quotes from the Texas Senate State Affairs Committee hearing on the Campus Carry Bill -

From UT Chancellor, William McRaven: "In light of all these concerns and apprehensions, I feel the presence of concealed weapons will make a campus a less-safe environment."

From Texas A&M Chancellor, John Sharp: "I cannot speak to the effect campus carry would have on other institutions and their students. However, I have complete trust and faith in our students. Having licensed gun owners in possession of legal weapons on our campuses does not raise safety concerns for me personally. The real question is this: Do I trust my students, faculty, and staff to work and live responsibly under the same laws at the university as they do at home? Of course I do!"
I went to A&M, so I am biased anyway, but for certain I would encourage my own kids and grandkids to choose A&M over UT for this reason alone......

.....excluding the fact that they'll get a better education at A&M than UT. :mrgreen:

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