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by thatguyoverthere
Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:37 am
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Topic: Got this shotgun for $69
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Re: Got this shotgun for $69

mojo84 wrote:...I bet the 12 gauge kicks like a mule.
Yep. It does. I know because I have that exact model.

If nothing else, it might be a good therapy tool.

Way back long ago, when I might have had a particularly frustrating day at work every now and then, sometimes after I got home I would get that old shotgun out and go out in my backyard (I lived out in the country) and just blast through a whole box of shells with that thing, one shot after another. Not with a handgun, not with a rifle, not even one of my other autoloader shotguns, just this old, steel butt-plate, single shot 12 ga shotgun - the simplest, meanest, foulest, biggest bore, hardest kicking thing I owned at the time. For some reason, I always felt much better after having a knock-down drag out with that thing - it kicking me as hard as it could, and me slamming and firing it as hard and fast as I could. After a few minutes of that, life was good again.

Now you amateur psychiatrists, tell me about that! :lol:

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