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by Stever
Tue Mar 24, 2015 5:55 pm
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Topic: Welcome to the funny spot on your dial!
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Re: Welcome to the funny spot on your dial!

Not too sure about the validity of this story but was told it at CHL class. A police officer stopped an older lady (about 70ish) for driving erractically. He asked for her driving documents. She fumbled through her handbag and eventually turned it upside down to sort through. Out fell a .38 cal handgun. Not finding what she was looking for she opened the glove box, and among other things removed another .38 revolver. No driving licence being there she then fumbles under the passenger seat where a .45 revolver appears. The officer asked her if there were more guns in the car and she told him there was a shotgun in the trunk and another behind the front seats. The officer asked her "What on earth are you afraid of" The lady apparently replied " Not a thing in the world sonny"

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