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by jason812
Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:48 am
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Topic: Bonnen must go
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Re: Bonnen must go

The Annoyed Man wrote:
Tue Jun 11, 2019 10:18 am
Someone on Twitter pointed out to me the other day that Bonnen was a Strauss protégé, so no one should be surprised at his actions.

My conclusion is that the GOP in Texas is following the national GOP into self-immolation. Democrats want power, and know how to use it. Republicans want power, but either don’t know how to use it, or are afraid of doing so. That kind of self-restraint is suicidal when the other side has no such restraint.
I don't know if the GOP want's power. I think they want money and the prestige of being an elected official. They know how to play the victim to fund raise but once they get in power they don't know what to do because they really don't want to be responsible for anything. How many times did we hear during Obummer's terms that if they had more money to campaign they could win back the House and the GOP just needed the House? We gave them the House but then it was the GOP needs the Senate too. We gave them the Senate. Then it was well we need the Whitehouse and the GOP can really turn things around and do good for the people. We gave them the presidency and now the GOP is acting like they don't know what to do. Or it's the GOP needs 60 senator excuse.

In TX the GOP has a vast majority in the government and holds most if not all statewide offices. They got absolutely nothing done this time around except make it 21 for you to buy a pack of smokes. Don't get me started about the lack of property tax reform. There is no excuse in TX for the GOP not to have it's goals accomplished other than they really don't care. I have lost all faith in the GOP. From the dog catcher, governor, state congressmen, and our federal congressmen.

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