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by jason812
Tue Nov 12, 2019 3:06 pm
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Topic: Effectiveness of the .270 Winchester
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Re: Effectiveness of the .270 Winchester

.270 is a great deer round. Elk on down you should not have problem if you do your part

I can only remember one that was hit right and ran. I got to the stand way before sunrise and as it started to get light, I couldn't believe there were 2 doe about 20-25 yards from me. By the time I could shoot one, they were dead broadside to me. Hit her in the chest and to my amazement, she didn't fall down but ran. I heard the deer crash into the brush about 5 seconds later and knew she was down. The blood trail was massive and there was no exit hole. We recovered the bullet in a hind quarter. Chest cavity was liquid and luckily no guts were punctured. It was the craziest bullet path I have seen.

My dad quit using one because the damage to the opposite shoulder was too much for the little deer around here. They do not leave a pencil through and through hole, I can tell you that.

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