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by Jago668
Tue Apr 10, 2018 8:57 am
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Topic: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?
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Re: NRA National Meeting May 3-6 -- Anybody Worried?

chasfm11 wrote:
Excaliber wrote:When I went to the NRA convention in Houston a few years ago, the massive protests promised turned out to be about a dozen or so misfits, who were so inconspicuous you would've figured they were just the usual vagrants if you didn't look closely.

I personally couldn't care if they came with a thousand antifa thugs. I'm going, and I will get in.
:iagree: I normally don't go places where there are demonstrations but this one is an exception. I've crossed picket lines before in the Northeast. This will not be as bad.
Talking about crossing picket lines. My stepbrother had to do that a few times. A buddy of his carried a foam based fire extenguisher with him. If they ran up screaming at them he squirted them in the face and kept on going.

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