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by Jago668
Sat May 05, 2018 8:09 pm
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Topic: Medical accessories
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Re: Medical accessories

I carry 2 ankle first aid kits (afak) made by Ryker Nylon. Each has 1 israeli bandage (4"), 1 CAT, 1 Quickclot Gauze, 2 HALO chest seals.

Car has a booboo kit from Walmart. Also have a trauma bag with 2 SOFTT-W tourniquets, 2 HALO chest seals, 6ish rolls krinkle gauze, 2 israeli bandage (6"), 2 olaes bandages, some butterfly sutures, 2 bottles of saline solution, 2 ace wraps, roll of paper tape, 2 quickclot gauze, nitrile gloves, leather gloves, leatherman, resqme tool, 2 flashlights, 4 packs lightsticks, cpr mask.

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