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by Lodge2004
Sun Nov 09, 2008 2:21 pm
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Topic: We need to band this?
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Re: We need to band this?

lrb111 wrote: I propose action now. Prepare now to mass mail flat rate boxes and other mailers with bricks and spent cartridges to Obama. A "Bullets for Obama" campaign. The mailers are free from the post office. A lack of mailers in the next few months will get out the message of "rights removed".

Tons of boxes and spent cartridges being sent about 01-15-09 should get some attention that we are resolute.
They should be sent to the White House, Senators , and Representatives.
Although I agree that we need to band together, I don't see how shipping spent cartridges to the White House would do anything other than give the Left something they can exploit.

The best communication is one that touches an emotional nerve. That's how the Left is able to push through many of their ideas and also why so many 2A supporters like the posters/pictures done by Oleg Volk...they touch us at an emotional level.

Personally if somebody were to ask me why I carry a sidearm, my first reaction would be to think of my children. It is my responsiblity to protect them and they expect me to come home every day. If I were to send a letter to the White House explaining why they should not take away my rights, I stand a better chance of having that message heard by including a picture of my youngest daughter than I do by including a spent cartridge.

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