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by RiverKing
Mon Aug 26, 2019 1:21 pm
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Topic: Current Concealed Handgun Laws Pamphlet?
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Current Concealed Handgun Laws Pamphlet?

I have a 71-page pamphlet titled "Texas Concealed Handgun Laws and selected statutes -- 2011-2012". At the bottom of the cover, it says "Issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety Austin, Texas" with a document number CHL-16 and a date of September 2011. IIRC, I downloaded this as a PDF, printed it and stapled it in booklet form. Besides being out of date (it says nothing about open carry), it is getting dog-eared and downright ratty.

Does anyone know if TX DPS has published a more recent version? Can anyone provide a link to a more recent version?

BTW, don't waste your time trying to get information like this from TX DPS. First, you can only email them on topics for which they have canned answers. Second, you might die of old age before you get even an initial response from their chat widget; it seems to accept input at a rate of about 1 character per second. Finally, the phone number posted on the web site gets you a typical menu but selecting an option on the menu only changes the recording you get to hear; the phone is never answered by a human being.

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