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by SigM4
Wed Aug 21, 2019 6:40 pm
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Topic: .22 pistol choices
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Re: .22 pistol choices

Coming from someone who owns both, and shoots both suppressed, the S&W all day long and twice on Sunday. I know the Ruger is supposed to be the gold standard, but I’m just not taken with it. I had a Mk III 22/45 that I liked, but hated the take down. So I ended up upgrading to a Mk IV. Thus far it’s very underwhelming, just no soul to it. Not that the S&W is any better there, but it’s been way more reliable and has the obvious advantage of being laid out like a full size gun. It’s also been more than 1500 rounds (all suppressed) since the last cleaning and it’s still chugging along.

My 6 y/o daughter loves it and has basically taken ownership of it.


I work in Garland and would be more than happy to meet you at the range for a side by side comparison at some point.

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