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by Mike S
Wed Nov 20, 2019 12:59 pm
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Topic: Texas "10 acre" rule for discharging a firearm outside of city limits?
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Re: Texas "10 acre" rule for discharging a firearm outside of city limits? ... LG.229.htm

As I understand this statute, if you're outside the city limits, the city (if you're in their Extraterritorial Jurisdiction), nor the county can prohibit you from discharging a pistol, shotgun, bow, or BB gun on at least 10 acres, or a rifle on 50 acres.

So, it does not require 10 acres / 50 acres, it merely prohibits cities/counties from passing laws that prohibit discharge on properties that size.

(scroll down on the same hyperlink as above) increases the property size and/or distance from other dwellings if the population is over a certain thresholds. However, since you said you're not in Houston city limits, this may not apply to you (Ignore what I previously posted, I overlooked the part of you NOT being in the city limits).

To be safe, I'd suggest contacting the county Animal Control and ask them to bring out some live traps (it's their job to dispose of nuisance animals).

ETA #2:. Another consideration would be if your neighborhood has any restrictions/covenants regarding discharge of firearms. Shooting in the neighborhood wouldn't be a criminal violation (unless the projectile crossed over your property line into the neighbors property, or violated some noise ordinance), however the HOA/POA could levy a fine based on any restrictions you signed, & failure to pay the fine could lead to a civil case being filed.

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