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by cmgee67
Fri Sep 07, 2018 10:59 pm
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Topic: Carry rules for non CHL citizens
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Re: Carry rules for non CHL citizens

15 years why are you just now thinking about getting your LTC? It’s not expensive and if your going to carry then carry legally. Unless Texas goes constitutional carry then you have to get an LTC. If you had to use your gun in self defense and you don’t have a license and it’s not on your property or property your in control of then you’d be in big trouble. Do I think I need a LTC? Heck no that’s a violation of my rights. But do I compromise and get a license to be legal yes. With the quick turn around times now, you should be able to do the class submit paperwork and fingerprints and have plastic in hand in less than a month. Please be careful. Don’t Mexican carry without a holster.

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