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by cmgee67
Wed Jan 02, 2019 9:45 am
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Topic: Aliengear holsters.
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Re: Aliengear holsters.

I’ve got an alien gear 2.0 and haven’t used it in close to two years. It was a comfortable holster and did its job but to me the quality was lacking. To me if your going with a hybrid holste go with crossbreed. I carried a Glock 19 in one for two years and it was fantastic. A friend of mine has carried his Glock 23 in his for 9 years. I since have changed to an all Kydex taco style iwb holster with pull the dot soft loops as I don’t trust plastic or metal clips. Plastic clips break and metal clips bend. I want my holster tied to me. I choose full Kydex for the following properties. It’s very strong and impervious to sweat and oils, it always holds it shape, cheap enough to replace when it does finally give up the ghost, and maintenance is as simply as running it under the faucet and drying it off. Of course you do have to make sure the screws are oiled because of sweat. The only downside to all Kydex in my opinion is it’s not as comfortable as leather not even close but there are always compromises in everything. Congrats on making the decision to get your LTC. Stay safe, shoot often, and carry on.

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