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by cmgee67
Fri Oct 25, 2019 7:29 am
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Topic: Favorite carry method?
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Favorite carry method?

What’s your favorite way to carry your pistol / Mags ?

I really don’t change where I carry that often. Since hurting my back I’ve had to go to appendix carry almost strictly and carry a spare mag in a desantis mag packer pocket holster. Behind my hip or even at 3:00 gives me pain and is harder for me to conceal. About the only time I carry at 3:00 is if I am OC which is usually when I’m out on the range. I recently tried shoulder carry and I was not a huge fan but, I can see the advantages of it. Anyways, I was curious as to what everyone’s favorite way to carry is and thought this would be a fun thread.

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