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by crazy2medic
Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:16 pm
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Topic: Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma
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Re: Woman Beheaded in Oklahoma

C-dub wrote:
Dave2 wrote:
C-dub wrote:
CHLLady wrote:Do you think he could have been after a way to cash in by claiming racism by suing the school if he was arrested and turns out he was a parent of a student at the school? But plans fell through since the lame school didn't react as he hoped? -- my kids schools have signs posted that all visitors MUST check in at the office. You have to have your id scanned and you are issued a id sticker pass.
My first thought wasn't that he was looking for a payday on a racism charge. He could be anyone from a full blown idiot radical terrorist stupid enough to ask questions that raised peoples alert level to a concerned parent with a child in the school that wanted to know if they knew the answers to his questions. There have been a couple of parents/dads that have done something dumb like this to bring attention to this type of thing before. IIRC, both of those were arrested and at least one did jail time.
They went to jail for asking questions about the security where their kids went to school?!? Surely there's more to the story...
The only one I can find at the moment is this one. He did more than ask questions. ... /14044604/" onclick=";return false;

He was found Not Guilty. I think he was lucky, but they probably came to this verdict because he had no real intent of causing harm and did not have a weapon on him. BTW, I had not looked up the outcome of this before this time. I though for sure he was going to jail. ... tary.html/" onclick=";return false;
Interesting thing is I work with this guy, he didn't mean it as a threat but he can be very overbearing!

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