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by crazy2medic
Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:47 pm
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Topic: Social no no?
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Re: Social no no?

I open carry a 1911, I keep my arm draped across and parallel to the gun, basically just covering it with my arm, I never rest my hand on the gun, Once and only once me and the wife were at Wally World and a guy that made me nervous on sight, was coming towards us on the main aisle in the front of the store, as soon as he passed us he made an abrupt U-turn and was now following behind us, since he already had me concerned, I moved to keep some of the store displays between us and to watch him in my peripheral vision, when he moved to stay behind us I decided moving the heel of my hand to the butt of my pistol was now acceptable, shortly after I did this he peeled off and went towards the front of the store! Was he a real threat, I don't know but under similar circumstances I'd do the same thing.
I believe that if something doesn't feel right then your subconscious is cluing in on something your higher intellect is missing, better safe than sorry!

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