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by Rutty
Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:01 pm
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Re: Holster Review Resource


I will try to make this short and sweet. I ran across this company a week or so ago and reached out to them about a solution that I could have 1 holster for 4 guns and would also be good for OC and CC. After I emailed them I got an email within an hour or so answering all my questions, and suggesting I go with the "regular" holster size. So I did. They emailed me shortly after ordering and said thank you.

3 days later the holster came in the mail. Padded manilla envelope with another "thank you for your business" hand written on the back. Pulled out the case and it was very nice. Great verse on the box and holster looks very good.

I took out the holster and assembled the "crew" and started trying them out. To my amazement everything from my S&W 642 to my 5" XD tactical pistol all fit snugly and well guarded. I have tried it IWB and OWB and the clips are super stiff. Very good retention.

While to this point I really like the holster and can see this as my EDC holster for multiple platforms I only have 1 negative about it. Drawing the smaller guns is a bit awkward as the safety guard sticks up a bit. I think with some practice however I will be able to overcome this.

I have a drawer of holsters that have been worn once or twice and a few more that I have used quite a bit but the versatility of this holster is 2nd to none.

It is new to me so I will update down the road after the breakin period. I'll also get some pics up here tomorrow when I have some light. Edit: I decided not to post pictures as they have to have a URL and I am not quite comfortable with my pics floating around on the web url hosts.

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