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by JustSomeOldGuy
Tue Dec 24, 2019 10:18 pm
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Topic: Disney Plus Mandalorian series
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Disney Plus Mandalorian series

Wife is watching this, I'm mostly ignoring it like I have the whole Star Wars series after the first movie in +-1975. Anyway, I'm passing thru the living room where the wife is watching episode 6. There's a Jason Statham looking guy on the screen, and he is carrying in a double chest holster - a pair of Ruger Mk II's with modified bolt tabs (instead of the two serrated 'ears', theres a knob that looks like a hat worn by the 80's band Devo). I'm awarding the props guys a <double_facepalm>. They blacked out the Ruger logo in the middle of the grip, but the MK II grip frames look like nothing else I've encountered.

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