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by WildBill
Tue Jan 01, 2013 10:50 am
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Topic: No Updates - How Does DPS Expect Compliance?
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Re: No Updates - How Does DPS Expect Compliance?

superchief wrote:I think it is a real let down that DPS provided zero updates on the program for 2012. The CHL-16 was released without any comment, and the only information that emerged was dragged out of the department by Chas and others calling to see what what was going on. I don't expect weekly updates or even monthly updates, but some sort of quarterly "here's what's happening e-mail" would be good to see. Any ideas on why the program has been handled like this?
Probably this is a very low priority. I can't think of too many government agencies that provide "what's happening type of newsletters." Then there are always people who would complain that "DPS has time to write this stupid e-mail newsletter and I've been waiting XX days for my CHL." You can't please everyone. ;-)

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