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by WildBill
Mon Feb 15, 2016 4:05 pm
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Topic: Klebold's mother breaks her silence
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Re: Klebold's mother breaks her silence

fickman wrote:My unscientific hypothesis is that video games are a bigger influence than movies as they put the player into the action and the player becomes an active participant. I don't think they have a negative impact on everybody who plays them, but I definitely believe that they could have a major impact on somebody with an underlying mental health issue.
I have not watched the interview yet, but it is on my short list.
My unscientific hypothesis is that this would apply to any obsessive behavior that alienates the participant from reality.
Whether it is movies, TV, music, video games, social media, chat rooms, blogs, replacing interactions with real people and real situations is going to have negative effects on his mental health.

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