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by warnmar10
Sun Mar 13, 2016 8:09 pm
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Topic: Microsoft Hijacking
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Re: Microsoft Hijacking

B23Msports wrote:Do not install Windows Upadate 3035583 - that is the update that is for the upgrade to Win 10. You can hide the update if it is showing in your either optional or recommeded updates. If it has already made its way that it has been installed you need to go to "View Installed Updates" and remove it. I have seen it come back even if hidden, so you will have to watch for it. I suggest setting your updates to the setting that allows you to review and choose the ones you wish to install.

Do a search on "Windows Update 3035583" and you can find out alot more information.

Also let me add that a good friend who is more up on this than me is saying that MS is trying to sneak it back out with a different update number. Not sure on it though.

Hope this helps.
3035583 is an optional update as opposed to an important update, no?

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