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by Soccerdad1995
Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:47 am
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Topic: State Fair - Again
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Re: State Fair - Again

ScottDLS wrote:I really don't see why the Fair is allowing handgun carry concealed, or otherwise. At it's heart the State Fair of Texas is an educational institution, a school, an amusement park, a zoo, and a church. That along with having 100s of 51% licensees with the entire of Fair Park as their licensed "premises". Also with local ISD's giving a day off for the Fair, it is a School Sponsored Event 100 times over. No one should carry unless they wish to risk dahh..duhh.dahhh....!!! "THE RIDE". All it takes is a well informed cop and Dallas DA with an attitude armed with KP-108 and a judges "feeling" that guns should not be at the Fair. All you gun nuts carrying your dangerous assault weapons at the Fair are committing a felony.
Good point. Most LE agencies also conduct training and even outside of training, cops learn things every day on the job. So any Texas LEO's that don't have their Texas LTC's should all be arrested immediately under the GFSZA.

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