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by Soccerdad1995
Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:13 pm
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Topic: Flash Sale: $30 AR lower
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Re: Flash Sale: $30 AR lower

SpringerFan wrote:I have used 2 of these for budget builds, both were perfect. If you are looking for a reason to build a cheap AR, here it is. I have a couple Anderson lowers paired with Palmetto uppers that have been quite reliable and fun for the price. Not in the same realm as Daniel Defense or BCM quality, but they are fun range toys.

As far as the broader AR market, prices are definitely depressed at the moment, but I think most of that is the continuing impact of President Trump's upset victory a little over a year ago. People stocked up expecting Hillie to win, and gun manufacturers ramped up production. Hillie lost, and demand tanked resulting in much more inventory on the market than people were demanding. This has led to a drop in prices, mostly am on lower end AR's, and components. It will take a while for the market to sort itself out, but eventually it will, and we will see "generic" AR prices back to a more historically normal pricing level of, say, $500 to $600 at some point. I definitely don't see a continuation of prices dropping further in 2018. They may not go up a ton in the next year, but they should at least stabilize and start to eventually go up.

If there is anyone out there who wants to buy a generic AR, now is definitely a good time to snatch up one, or a few.

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