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by Soccerdad1995
Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:58 am
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Topic: Stopping the invasion?
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Re: Stopping the invasion?

We need to change the law here. Make it a crime to cross our border at any point other than a designated port of entry. Period. Punishment for violating that law is immediate deportation and a ban on ever immigrating to the U.S. for any reason, including asylum or any other claim. Canada will not let anyone into their country if that person has ever been convicted of a DUI. We would simply treat illegal border crossing the same way. If someone shows up at a designated port of entry and claims asylum, they will be given a court date, and will be instructed to go back into Mexico, or Canada, or wherever, while they await their court appearance.

The ultimate fix to all immigration issues will come as our economy continues to improve. We currently have 7 million unfilled job openings, most of them unskilled. Make that 15 or 20 million and the cry for workers to fill those jobs will drown out anyone who wants to restrict immigration. If the Republicans win the mid-terms, that will happen. And the Democrats will no longer have one of their key issues. So the Democrats will continue to do everything they possibly can to make sure that our immigration issues are never fixed.

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