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by Soccerdad1995
Tue Jan 29, 2019 11:50 am
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Topic: 5 Officers Shot In Houston - Pray
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Re: 5 Officers Shot In Houston - Pray

My wife works as a consultant for schools, and she just so happened to be working at an elementary school that is a couple blocks from this house (she tends to work with the lowest performing schools, which tend to also be in pretty bad neighborhoods). Fortunately, the raid occurred after schools had let out, and presumably after the kids had all had a chance to get home. That was a very smart move on the part of the police, IMHO.

As to whether it might have been safer to do a no-knock entry, or to try to arrest the perps when they left the house, etc., I'll defer to the judgment of LE there. I can imagine pro's and con's to various approaches, but I am nowhere near an expert in these matters.

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