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by Lynyrd
Tue Jul 16, 2019 1:58 pm
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Topic: New to CCW
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Re: New to CCW

Welcome to the forum. You've chosen a couple of fine pistols, and I understand your comment "not found a position" that you like. Having the extra weight on your belt and the stiffness of a good holster attached to your waist feels funny and odd at first. Give it some time. I also carry a shield on many days, but I am more comfortable with a leather holster than the hard kydex. DeSantis makes a good custom fit leather holster for the shield. You might want to try one.

Holsters are kind of like shoes. Very few people pick the same thing. I wear nothing but boots, but that's not everyone's preference. My only advice to you is to carry, whenever you can, until the feeling of the gun becomes so normal that you feel something is wrong when it's not there. If you wear a watch all the time you know how your arm feels odd when it's not there? If you don't wear a watch ever, you know how your arm feels odd when you put on a watch? Wearing a gun is the same way. Once you find what is comfortable and wear it a lot, you will feel something is missing when it's not there.

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