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by Jusme
Mon Nov 28, 2016 12:49 pm
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Topic: Tax Free 2nd Amendment Items
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Re: Tax Free 2nd Amendment Items

Flightmare wrote:viewtopic.php?f=141&t=86854
SB133 (Creighton) Relating to an exemption from the sales tax for firearms and hunting supplies for a limited period.
Impact: Creates a sales tax exemption period for guns and hunting supplies.
Position on Bill: Neutral.
Status: Filed 11/14/16.

I think the OP is more interested in a permanent tax abatement for the purchase of firearms, ammo, etc.

I don't think we will ever see firearms not taxed, it brings in too much revenue. While the ability to possess firearms is a legal right, there is nothing in the Constitution that says they cannot be taxed. It would, in my opinion follow along the same lines as taxing the written word, taxing the sale of books, magazines and newspapers is legal. Even though we have the right to "free" speech.

I do think that my firearms should be legal dependents on my income taxes though, since I have to feed, shelter, and protect them. :biggrinjester:

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