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by Jusme
Mon Mar 13, 2017 12:50 pm
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Topic: Defensive Shotgun class in Conroe
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Re: Defensive Shotgun class in Conroe

Scott B. wrote:Was great having you guys come down and I'm doubly glad you braved the weather. In truth, I was determined to shoot regardless of the weather but I'm glad it stayed as light as it did.

I'm also an enthusiastic convert to the Federal 00 Buck with the Flitecontrol wad. That's a night and day difference in pattern. We were at what, 25 yards, the pattern on my 00 buck was shoulder to shoulder. The patterns w/ the Flitecontrol were fist sized. Very impressive.

Yeah it's actually #1 buck, but it holds together for a long way.
Mrs. Jusme, is interested in the ladies only handgun course, she may include my daughter, and her sister, and make a day out of it. Great facility ya'll have.

by Jusme
Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:03 am
Forum: General
Topic: Defensive Shotgun class in Conroe
Replies: 5
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Defensive Shotgun class in Conroe

Just wanted to give a review about the defensive shotgun class, myself and Jusme Jr. attended Saturday.

Last week, forum Member Scott B. posted a defensive shotgun class being held Saturday, 3/11, at the Blackwood Gun Club in Conroe ... 6#p1140680

I had gotten Jusme Jr. a Maverick 88 pump shotgun with an 18" barrel for Christmas. He had fired it a few times, but other than using a shotgun for hunting, or shooting clays, he had no defensive training with it. I thought it would be a great chance for him to get some formal training, as well as give me a refresher course.
After seeing the post, I spoke with Jusme Jr, and we decided to sign up for the class and take a road trip down to Conroe. I called the instructor Steve Vandermolen, and signed us up for the class. We left early Saturday morning (3:30) and drove down.

The Blackwood Gun Club, is located just west of town, in a very pretty area near the San Jacinto River. It was threatening rain, but Steve said we would have the class anyway. Turns, out that besides some other instructors (one being Scott B) who were taking the class, Jusme Jr. and myself were the only others who showed up due to the threatening weather. There were 5 of us all together, and after a short classroom period where Steve went over safety rules, and the basic outline of the course, we went to the shotgun range.

We started out working on patterning our shotguns, using bird shot, buckshot, and slugs, from various ranges out to 50 yards. We then moved to loading drills, round selection, shooting from behind cover, engaging multiple targets, and shooting while moving.

The class was very informative, and Steve was great at communicating any issues he observed with the students, and had very helpful suggestions for making corrections. The only drawback was the weather, we experienced a slow steady drizzle the whole time, but the temperature was in the 70s, so other than being damp, it wasn't too uncomfortable.

Jusme Jr. and I really enjoyed the training. It helped him to understand how effective a shotgun can be as a defensive tool, and showed me what I need to work on in my own practice drills.

I highly recommend this course for anyone who is using, or planning on using a shotgun for self defense.
Afterwards, we went to the Blackwood gun store where we bought a couple of hats. The staff is very friendly, and helpful. Scott B then suggested a great Mexican food restaurant, where we, along with the other instructors/students David, Ginger, and Scott B, all enjoyed lunch and great conversation.

If anyone is, or is planning on being, in the Conroe area, I would recommend checking out the various courses offered, and the range facilities.

Here is the link to the web site:

Click on the Academy tab to see the various classes offered.

Thanks Scott B. for posting the class info, and we really enjoyed meeting you and everyone else there. :tiphat:

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