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by Jusme
Fri Dec 01, 2017 10:30 am
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Topic: Honolulu PD begins confiscation of registered guns...
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Re: Honolulu PD begins confiscation of registered guns...

I am not stepping in to the issue of medical/recreational/legal/ illegal marijuana usage. The point that has been overlooked, in my opinion, is that this is just one of many avenues, that can be used by government, to deprive someone of their 2A rights, by instituting a gun registry system. Using this same formula, they could do the same thing to someone who is in arrears in child support, taxes, vehicle registration, or a myriad of other things those in power feel, is justified. Hawaii seems far away, and their politicians, are not our politicians, but, the same type of things are being proposed all over the country. We need to be ever vigilant, and stand up and defy those who think a gun registry, is "common sense" JMHO

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