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by Jusme
Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:17 am
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Topic: NY governor: America was never that great
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Re: NY governor: America was never that great

2farnorth wrote:
Thu Aug 16, 2018 6:10 am
philbo wrote:
Thu Aug 16, 2018 1:06 am
philip964 wrote:
Wed Aug 15, 2018 9:43 pm
.... Name another country or people who have done more.
I'm proud of my country, not blinded by homilies that white wash the truth and do little more than promote a false patriotism based on an interpretation that isn't warranted. Be proud, be patriotic, don't be blind to the past that brought us here.

Throwing off the yoke of a monarchy.
Rome 509 BC; England 1649; France 1792

Lighting a candle of freedom and keeping it burning for more than 200 years.
Rome for 400 years; Declaration of the rights of man - 1789 France; Bill of Rights -1689 England

Electing its government by and for its citizens.
Roman Republic; France after 1789; England 1832; France 1789 (Depends on who can be counted a citizen - Landowners? Women? Freed slaves?)

Promoting freedom and democracy across the world.
Ancient Greece/Athens & the Roman Republic (their influence outlived their republics) ; Great Britain; France. But, we're not in the nation building business much these days it seems.

Making the sea safe for travelers and trade.
When? US was not a true sea power until WWII; Prior to that France, Spain and England controlled the seas thru the 19th century.

Fighting a war to end slavery.
Most didn't have to fight a war. Modern countries only? Spain 1811; Mexico 1829; Britain 1772; France 1315; US was way behind the curve on this one and the fact it took a civil war is not something to be especially proud of.

Fighting a war to end world conquest and domination by the most evil men the world had ever seen
You'll have to be more specific, but if you're thinking WWII - then all allied powers.

After victory not taking tribute, slaves or land but helping those defeated enemies achieve freedom and prosperity.
Again, specifics needed, but the US was actively involved in conquest through much of the 19th & 20th century both internally and abroad.

Founding a world organization to promote world peace through dialogue.
League of Nations? US didn't join. United Nations? The Atlantic Charter (1941) in which the US was one of 26 nations pledged to fight the Axis powers served as a corner stone for the UN which followed the end of WWII.

Giving the world some of the greatest inventions ever seen.
Across all of time? probably those places with the longest periods of culture. China was hundreds if not thousands of years ahead of Europe. Greece and Rome, England, France.... kinda broad here, I guess it would depend on how you wanted to define greatest. The US has been a great source of innovation, but much of what we have accomplished comes from standing on the shoulders of other individuals and nations.

Being the first to explore space and doing it without claiming the new lands discovered for itself.
Soviet Union/Russia was first in Space. No one has laid claim on anything in space thanks to a treaty signed in 1967 by more than 60 nations, including the US.
This is the most denigrating post that I think I have ever seen on this forum, especially:
"The US has been a great source of innovation, but much of what we have accomplished comes from standing on the shoulders of other individuals and nations".
Hundreds of thousands of our people died helping restore freedoms to many of those same places you brought up, including Rome, England, and France. Then we provided trillions of $ ever since to restore and maintain their very existence. Some have reverted in spite of our help and because they have no appreciation for what we did. I served in several stinkholes of the world and now you say I/we were standing on there shoulders.

Your post sounds like Barack Obama in apologizing for United States' greatness and aids George Soros in trying to tear us apart.


There are also several flights leaving Texas airports everyday, or just get on a bus, and head south!! Really? You think that the Romans, were a great democratic republic? Ask a few folks from Massad, how they feel about the Romans.

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