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by Jusme
Sat Jan 05, 2019 12:24 pm
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Re: Your thoughts

Slightly off topic, but back in the late 60s I lived on the south side of Ft.Worth. one night after I had gone to bed, but before, I fell asleep, I heard the sound often portrayed on TV of a bomb dropping, a high pitched whistling sound. There was no accompanying explosion, and I didn't give it much more though.
The next day my friends and I we're playing around by a creek, near a railroad tracks, and found a " bomb" partially buried in the ground.
Being kids, we dug it out, put it in one of our wagons, and took it back to our street. One of the parents, panicked, made us move away from it, and called the police. The police came out and I assume, called the folks at Carswell AFB.
They sent out three trucks, and took our prize away. It was a "practice bomb", and was not explosive, that had been accidentally released upon approach, but it sure caused a lot of excitement for some kids.

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