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by Jusme
Sat Jan 12, 2019 3:29 pm
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Topic: Unfair to use an AR-15 against would-be burglars?
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Re: Unfair to use an AR-15 against would-be burglars?

If life were fair, good guys would wear white hats, every competitive game would end in a tie, there would not even be a need to compare one thing against another. Unfortunately, our creator knew full well that there would be those who had an advantage over others. Cain used a rock to kill his unarmed brother Abel. But, David used a small rock to dispatch Goliath.

I was not guaranteed a fair shake in life, but I was guaranteed life. So despite, any disadvantages, I may have faced, or will face in the future, I will defend what I have been given. I will do so with whatever means I have at my disposal. "Unfair" is what I use to describe those who try to take away, what someone else has been given in life. Whether through devine intervention, or one's own efforts.
These kids, we're deluded, either from the environment they grew up in, or from outside influence, and they paid the price. Once they stepped into that house, "fairness" became, a misnomer. JMHO

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