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by Jusme
Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:44 pm
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Topic: Disappointing start to 2019 session
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Re: Disappointing start to 2019 session

Charles L. Cotton wrote:
Thu Jan 10, 2019 12:30 pm
Both suggestions were terrible!! "Registering" for, against or on a bill from anywhere around the State would result in one-sided stacking of the deck by people who are recruited by liberal groups. Many of those people would be paid to do so, just as Soros pays "protesters." Also, people who work for a living would have a difficult time getting to the offices of Senators and Representatives that are open only during normal working hours Monday through Friday. Also, there's nothing magic about registering for, against or on a bill. You can do more by calling/emailing your Senator/Representative and/or committee members.

Bypassing a committee is also a very bad idea. We kill, clean-up and improve countless bills in committee. There's also a committee strategy that I won't go into. I do think there should be a way to force a committee hearing and vote on a bill and, if necessary, force a bill out of committee even if the committee rejects it. Those actions should require a substantial vote of the body, because the purpose of committees is to prevent wasting time of bills that have no chance of passage.

Rep. Springer was correct.



I have had very positive responses, to my emails from my reps, and their staff. I wasn't able to get to their offices, but once, this past year, but in the past, I have met with them and brought proposals to them. Having on record, registration, only at the Capitol, makes more sense. It doesn't look like my work schedule will allow me to make it down there, but I continue to send email to my reps. I encourage those who are unfortunate enough to be represented, by those who don't share your political beliefs, to be even more proactive in contacting them. You are still their constituents, and with enough feedback from their districts, you might get them to vote for things they would have voted agaist., Or vice versa. JMHO

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