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by Jusme
Tue Jul 16, 2019 12:59 pm
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Re: New to CCW

The reason there are so many options, is that like most things in life, everyone has their own preference. Personally, I never found an IWB holster I liked, but I carry a full size M&P. I carry, OWB at the 3-3:30 position OC about 90% of the time. I too don't live near Garland, but what works for you will depend, not only on your body type, but clothing style, what activities you will performing while carrying. Standing, sitting, driving, etc. Will all dictate the best all around carry method for you. The main thing is that whatever method you choose, you need to be able to access, it quickly, from various positions, including from the ground. Once you have settled, on a carry position, or positions, practice, practice, practice. In a stressful situation, your draw should be well enough ingrained, that you don't have to think about it. It should be muscle memory.

Good luck, most of us do have a drawer full of holsters, maybe, someone near you will chime in, and you can get a chance to try out what didn't work for them.

We also have a breakfast meet up in Frisco, on the second Saturday of the month. It would be a great opportunity to meet other members, and pick their brains. Though some of us have slim pickings left. :biggrinjester:

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