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Thu Aug 18, 2016 9:00 am
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Topic: TFC Podcast Episodes
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Re: TFC Podcast Episodes

Flightmare wrote:
Charles L. Cotton wrote:Episode #17 of the Texas Firearms Coalition Podcast has been released. It's available on iTunes at: ... 68277?mt=2. It's also available on Stitcher, so be sure to download the Stitcher app.

Episode #17 is also available on the TFC website, along with show notes with links to information provided in the podcast.

In this Episode:
  • In The Crosshairs:The Cultural War on American Freedom
    In The News: Waller County DA sues citizen for following the law; 2) Media and Democrats falsely claim Trump encouraged an assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton; 3) more Clinton emails released by WikiLeaks; 4) KP-101 re 30.06 signs on government property used by private entities.
    Guns & Gear: SIG P238 - the miniscule .380ACP
    Q&A: 1) Where have you been[?]; 2) what are the chances Heller will be overturned[?]; 3) when will more seminars be offered?
In this episode I will be discussing the massive attack on traditional American values by well-funded factions.
I have been waiting for a new episode for what seems like forever! Thankyou Charles for doing these!

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