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by bdgyeah
Thu Oct 03, 2019 9:09 pm
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Topic: Officer Invades Apartment, Shoots Resident
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Re: Officer Invades Apartment, Shoots Resident

I heard one of the morning radio shows that there is a merging of two laws that could exonerate AG. Mistake of Fact, and the Castle Doctrine. Her case doesn't fit into any mold according to our laws. All things being equal, without emotion clouding logic, a jury could find her not guilty because; she went to the wrong apartment on accident (MOF), and she felt threatened by Jean, believing it was her apartment, she acted appropriately to defend herself (CD).
I don't think her lawyers did her too many favors.
I think her murder conviction was way too much. She and her attorneys believed there was no recklessness on her part, according on her testimony so manslaughter doesn't fit (she thought it was her apartment). I heard 25% of those interviewed went to he wrong floor/door at some point.

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