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by z_g_yang
Tue Jul 11, 2017 9:31 am
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Topic: Where to begin with a HAM radio?
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Re: Where to begin with a HAM radio?

I have same experience. I scheduled to take test on Saturday for Technician. While I learned on Thursday, after calling to one of VE that I can take General and Extra test without additional cost. I spent Friday reading the question pools for General, and I passed.
mdubtx wrote: To those looking at testing for their Technician license, I see a trend that is in line with where I was as well. If you pass, be sure to take the VE [Volunteer Examiner] up on testing for the General while you are there! Seems like most everyone comes out within just a few correct answers of passing the General as well. It doesn't cost you a second fee and, you never know. (My attempt at Extra after passing the General... Not so much. "rlol" We had a good laugh. Thought I was going to owe him a new red marker.)

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