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by jadoti
Fri Aug 12, 2016 1:24 pm
Forum: Anti-gun propaganda and other lies!
Topic: If you want a laugh.......
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Re: If you want a laugh.......

TreyHouston wrote:So, i am very active in my neighborhood. I communicate often on NEXTDOOR dot com. A couple days ago there was a post that caught my eye!


Great I thought! Awsome when the community gets together to talk about gun safety! So I clicked on ther post and started reading. The group putting this on is MDA mothers demand action and they say in the post that this is a NON political event... Right....

MY neighbors erupted with the force of ZEUS with posts and utter hatered. Wow! I cant even repeat some of the things that were said! Most posts were well educated like i hear on here!

I was/am very proud of where I live!!! :coolgleamA:

Side note! Have any other neighborhoods been hit up with this post????
Are you going to go? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't atleast a bit curious as to how the MDA defines "gun education and safety training for kids"...

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